• Hello. I just had a quick question - which editor are you using now, the new VisualEditor or the classic one?  I wanted to know because I saw that its actually possible for me to disable the new VisualEditor. I was wondering if you ever figured out how to deal with the new editor, or if you use the classic one.

    If you use the classic one, then I was thinking it might make sense for me to disable the VisualEditor (at least until it improves some more), since I think people new to the wiki get confused due to its poor handling of galleries. I can't really judge it for myself, since I'm already rather stuck in my ways using the old editor.

    Also, might I just say its slightly difficult typing a message to you with that creepy (dwarf?  Gnome?) staring at me  :P

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    • Hi

      I hate visual editor, i find it easier to use code directly, as i'm also developing a javascript helper to generate most of the code for pages-cards-categories stub during upload. And yes, despite i'm use to web development, that visual editor was a world of pain when i first jumped in here.

      The only use i make sometimes of the VE is for removing categories on a few specific pages that can't be edited, i got to dig this issue.

      Gnomes will rule the world one day, dont fear my Gnome King pic' ^^

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    • What do you mean by categories on pages that can't be edited?  You can remove categories in the classic editor too (and a bit easier than in the VE, IMO), but what pages are there that can't be edited, other than the front page?

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    • I guess it's a bad memory remaining from my struggling with the visual editor, dealing with categories was the only thing i was able to do ^^ Well, you should disable it, it's only confusing for newcomers i think.

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    • Ok, I'll disable it - I think you're right, it is just confusing to newcomers. If/when they improve the handling of galleries, we can give it another shot.

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    • A FANDOM user
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