• Can you try to explain why you have uploaded a self-edited version of the Borealis Booster Pack?
    The booster pack image that I upload was taken directly from the steam community ... there really is no reason to edit an original steam image.

    Original Image

    sorry... but this "new" version is probably not "a good version" ... (because this isn't an original image).

    The size for an booster pack image is set by steam to 235x268 pixel ... (and these top-line is not shown on the gamepage) ... any original booster pack image that is saved directly from steam, has this format (with this line).

    PS: if you don't like this line ... you have to edit and replace ALL other booster packs images for any other game ... good luck for these replacements -.-)

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    • As a bit of an aside from this conversation: where you you get a booster pack image on Steam that doesn't need to be cropped?  I always get them in the Steam marketplace, and they have a massive invisible area around them that I always have to crop off. Or is this if you have the booster pack in question, which I never actually do  :P

      Anyway, I wouldn't worry about an invisible 1 pixel line either way. With or without it, its all but impossible to tell. I don't think its worth the work of replacing existing images when there's so many other things to do.

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