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    ...Ow and please stop changing the spaces in the file names to _. In the code it doesn't matter which one you use, but we tend not to use the _ where you could also use a space. The pages for the files itself (like File:Kowloon Dragons.png) also don't use the _, they are only used in the url of the page.

    ... but we tend not to use the _

    Could you try to accept  this specification from admin Kennyannydenny?

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    • I dont care what this guy recommands, regarding all the mess he layed out with badly card name upload, emoticons with only the code as name and not prefixed with game name... It's such a pain to clean all those early pages that i won't take any credit of his specification about the '_'.

      Obviously he's not into programming as i am, and whitespaces in filename are evil, and those heretics who do so shall be burnt. Even if the wikia engine can deal with spaces in filename, it's still a better way to write THE TRUE name of the file, including the _. And also in the code page it helps to see which part is a file name that will be interpreted and replaced, and something with real spaces which is a simple label.

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    • Well ... if that is your opinion ... OK ... so I'll ignore your edits for a standardized page ... (do what you want)

      But ... please also stay away from my edits (because I will continue to follow this admin specifications) ...

      (If you edit my contributions ... so I must make them undone -.-)

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