• Hello. I see that you're editing some pages now, and I kind of wanted to talk to you. I think it might be easier to do it in a real-time chat system than through this message wall, though, so I thought we might try out the wiki live chat, thing. I've never actually used it so I'm not too sure how it works, but if you look over on the right-hand side, there should be a Join the Chat button under the recent activity box. If you click that, we can see if it works.

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    • Ok, well, I don't think you got this message before you logged out (or at least it's been a bit since you edited anything.) What I wanted to talk to you about was that it seems you called Caluril a "standards nazi", which he reported to Wikia, and which Wikia seems to have delegated back to me to deal with. I didn't really know that was part of the job of being an admin, but I guess it is?  I dunno...

      Anyway, insulting other users is against Wikia's terms. In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to handle this - if there are any official policies or steps I'm supposed to follow, then I'm a tad clueless. This is a warning, I guess?  Whatever it is, I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't call anyone names in the future.

      I think the most important thing to remember is that the reason we're editing this wiki is to have fun. Ok, Caluril may be a little obsessive over filenames and spaces and underscores, and things of that nature, but really, so what?  It doesn't really hurt anything if he replaces a few of your files or makes some edits to what you did, and if that's what he enjoys doing that then good for him. We kind of need someone on the wiki to do that sort of thing if we're to keep track of the fairly insane number of images we already have, plus however more there still are to be added.

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    • Sorry i didn't see the red thingy, hardly noticeable after a few hours of txt-working and copy-pasting.

      First, i'm a bit surprised not having being contacted by wikia-staff about that puny matter. Sorry it fell on you do deal with. I didn't called him a nazi (btw is he german to feel that offended ?), but "standards-nazi", in the sense of being so rigid and close-minded and not accepting differences. Maybe using the qualifier "divine-standards-keeper of the no-underscore world-caluril" would have been less offensive for the same meaning i intended ? Nevermind, but through that action, it now shows that the limits of his douchebagery have been expanded to sobbing and whining about a simple hurting truth, a fitting reaction to his own behavior. Let me explain my point of view.

      When i first started to add a few badges i found that were missing, using the visual editor, i did crap, i easily admit it (what someone else does not), and then i found it all back to make it right. I didn't mind being edit-corrected, but it was always with some silly comments like " size is wrong -_-' ", " added missing stuff -_-' " etc. And that feeling of being the only one harassed induced my equally reverted reaction. A strange thing i noticed : there is no comment yet about DanglingModifier contributions, who omits adding categories on images. It not a big deal and i don't mind, i think he's doing a good job and we need new work force. My guess is that caluril doesn't want another iGnome kind of antagonist so he's refraining from correcting and pointing out those lacks of categories. Also, if not about that clash on Tribloos page, i'm fairly sure he would still be naming the foils under his own 'unstandardized' way. Kind of ironic for someone being so moronic with others about standards. Not to mention the clash over the dev name of Stronghold, which was a definition for stubbornness...

      So recently he's blaming me for replacing his shitty named foil cards like "stuff_Card_0X_Foil.png" or bad numbering with unwanted zero ? Then what was he waiting for during the last few months to correct his own misnamed stuff ! Way faster to point others mistakes than dealing with his own, and gets mad when being shown about it. As i replied some time ago, he's stubborn and pretentious, thinking his way is the only way, being right on everything, and others opinion worth's shit. What slowly triggered my reaction was his comment on recent edits, like on Abyss: The Wraith of Eden : (images exchanged (before 'someone' else try to do this)). Well that 'someone' has a name and spits back at your face with that brutal and hurting truth you now whine about.

      IMO he's only here to be THE 'idol', just wanting to reach that one-year editing badge thingy and being the first and only to have it, according to his profile desc. Well, what a motivation to live only by an edit score and stupid badges to feel important. Get a life dude. Personally i'm here to fill the blanks that have accumulated, because i think a wiki has to be a source of information as fast as possible and not still having blanks dating from 2013... I don't blame you Drocket, you do a lot, i blame him to pick on others asses, certainly explaining why we are so few active contributors here. And i'm not the kind of guy to mess with, and when i'm getting harassed, i throw shit back, and now he sobs...

      That warning doesn't change anything to my thoughts about that individual, or that "someone" as he likes to call people, but i agree not using the N word in edits. To sum this long block of text, i just think its all about jealousy and seeing my arrival as an unwanted concurrence in his 2-poles world. If wants to leave after getting that badge, well farewell !

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    • - spaces to use instead of underscore in source code is/was the wish of admin Kennyannydenny. You decide to ignore that wish.

      - You decide to have a problem with the way how I named the cards, which was uploaded by me ... complain about this way I had named my uploaded images ... initiated with "FFS someone ..." ( and then based on the names is, as I had made ​​it (so that should probably be clear who you meant with someone ...). Incidentally, this was at a time where your posts were also not really correct ...

      Another point: DanglingModifier loads images with correct name and size up ... the only thing missing here, the categories and the license ... and YES ... when I have the time and work at the sides, where such images are included, I add the required information also. If then they're over images remain, the reason is that I also still have a life outside of this Site.

      In the first months of 2014 were emoticons and backgrounds profile uploaded at the end with a number, then it suddenly came on, instead of the number to take the name of the picture ... so now are up to date (eg profile backgrounds) with the name the game entered the words "background" and the name of the background ... (but the name should probably be the one under which the image is also listed on Steam) ... block Storm that was not the case ... and I can not rename pictures (which can only administrators), so I replaced these images.

      Your decision was it to call this re-upload as follows "... reupload backgrounds with same name stupid standard nazi") ...

      - This was the first time. After last weekend but it was more than too much, as these summaries to read me here: (Numbering wrong, nazi standard put back) (→ Booster Pack: aw, nazi page, underscores removed) Some nazi is late to fix his faulty named cards, then that "someone" does the job. Added booster, removed _ so nazi baby wont cry about 'his' page.) (Some nazi is late to fix his faulty named cards, then that "someone" does the job.)
      (Some nazi is late to fix his faulty named cards, then that "someone" does the job.) (Wrong steam link, wrong card naming, nazi standardist made ​​a faulty job)

      by the way .... "I didn't called him a nazi" ... I think that isn't right ... you remember this "so nazi baby wont cry about 'his' page." ... or whom you called "Nazi baby"?

      And after these summary ... I was forced to contact the Wikia staff, as I should act now

      ...that would be it for the moment

      /EDIT: one more thing:

      "I didn't mind being edit-corrected, but it was always with some silly comments like " size is wrong -_-' ", " added missing stuff -_-'" ... this got a reason... because the used images were not in the optimal size, as you can load it directly from Steam ... (eg: booster packs ... I saw one on the weekend again [not a substitute] .. . had just what 163pixel... this is just one of a wrong size)

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    • Ok, the first (and probably most important, at least as far as Wikia cares) thing is name calling. Can we all just agree that that won't happen any more?

      In terms of standards of naming images: personally, as long as the game name and the type of image it is is included, I don't care that much. That's really just so it's easy to search for. I can do an image search for, say, "portal 2 background" and find what I'm looking for relatively quickly. I think that's what's most important. The exact particulars of something like whether there's a 0 or not in the card's numbering really doesn't matter too much to me because really, once a page is done, how often are we ever going to need to use that card image again? And if you do, all you have to do is search for "game name card" and there you go.

      In terms of spaces versus underscores: Wikia slighly sucks there, because in some places it uses spaces and in other places it used underscores. If you're doing the above-mentioned image search for "portal 2 background", for instance, it won't actually work because Wikia wants an underscore to search. But if you add the file in, say, a gallery, it uses spaces. In short, Wikia doesn't even know whether or not use underscores, so if they can't make up their mind, I'm not going to. Use whatever you want. It's easy enough to understand either way. Personally, I use spaces just because I've found it slightly easier for copy-and-paste purposes.

      The standards on the Wiki have always been a mess. At first, card images just got named by the name of the card. I started using "game name card card name"  mostly because there kept being a lot of files with the same name, which was a problem, and I eventually switched to using numbers only because I'm lazy and it's easier to type a number than the card name. In short, these things aren't exactly written in stone

      One thing that you seem to be fighting over that's actually my fault is booster pack names. Up until recently, the How to Contribute page said to name them "Game name Booster Pack", but I was using "Game name Booster" because, well, that seemed to be what other people were using. Maybe?  Also, even though I wrote the standards there, I don't pay much attention to them  :P  I wound up changing that to "Game name Booster" a couple weeks ago when I noticed it when editing the How to Contribute page. Again, I thought everyone was naming it that anyway. So on that issue, you're fighting over a standard that I wound up changing mid-stream and wasn't following myself anyway.  I don't really know which one is better, although I do have to note that skipping the Pack part of the name saves 4 letters... (see: lazy, above.)

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