• Hello. It seems you recently reported IGnome for calling you a name, which Wikia seems to have delegated back to me. I sent him a message talking to him about the issue and asked him not to do it again.

    I see from your profile wall that you're considering leaving the wiki. I'd be unhappy if you did - you've done a lot of really great work here. Please try not to tell IGnome bother you. I know you two don't really seem to get along too well. You seem to have a lot of disagreements over things that, I have to be honest, seem fairly minor. He's not as concerned about wiki standards as you are, but he's also added a lot to the wiki and helped fill in a lot of pages.

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    • "but he's also added a lot to the wiki and helped fill in a lot of pages."

      That's right ... but that does not give him the right to insult other users with pejorative names. And there it was equal to 3-4 times in a few hours on Saturday ... went to me but slowly too far ... and I'm not here to quarrel with other users, it was necessary for a competent authority to inquire, how I should behave now.

      I'll see about what will now ... (incidentally, that was also the reason for a possible leaving)

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    • You're quite right. Hopefully that won't happen again. If it does, well, we'll figure out what to do about it...

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    • A FANDOM user
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