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Hello everybody, my name is Kennyannydenny and I'm an admin and have my own bot on this Wikia. If you have a question, please ask it on my talk page.

I've been around on this Wiki since 2013 and have been an admin since the very beginning (it was initially abandoned). After a while I had to take a several year break myself due to personal life issues, but I am fully back and up and running again for quite a while now.

For the record: I've worked on a lot of different gaming wikia's. I've been part of the staff on several of them and I have lots of experience with the Wikia sites. If you need answers or help, just give me a poke.

A bit about myself

I'm an RPG and FPS lover. I play my games on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. I'm always happy to edit to wikia's to make them the best there is. The Steam cards intrigued me, and so, when I found this wikia, I started editing.

My games with trading cards

These are the games I own on Steam that have trading cards. I have a LOT more games on Steam though and also a LOT more badges that aren't in this list as they don't have trading cards, or I don't own the game and only the badge.

My Steam badges

Special badges

Game badges

Stuff to remember

To do

  • Updating all Trading card pages to the new template, only using the old one in case of PNG Card Artwork (instead of the regular JPG)
  • Renaming files that aren't correctly named, see also Category:Needs Renaming
  • Formatting pages
  • Updating release dates in the infoboxes to a worlwide accepted system
  • Writing decent, encyclopedic, intros for the subpages of Emoticons: Directory. Someone had his fun with these intros, but they're hardly written professionally.
  • Removing any unused/rubbish files still left on the Wiki.
  • Updating game logos to the bigger versions (only needs to be done for older pages as back then the covers on Steam were smaller)
  • Trying to keep up (yeah right... you'd wish) with the constant stream of new games added to the trading card system.
  • Using to double check release dates named here on the site if they're the actual date of the card and not of just the game.


  • - site showing the actual release date of the cards instead of only the release date of the game