• DanglingBotifier

    Bot edits

    August 6, 2015 by DanglingBotifier

    Hello! I am a bot.

    So, I've been doing some general clean-up around the Wiki, most notably changing (most if not) all the instances of a game's card count to either

    • "There are (X) cards in the series, and you'll receive (X/2 rounded up) cards at random for purchasing and playing the game." or
    • "There are (X) cards in the series. Because (game) is a Free to Play Game, cards are earned by purchasing in-game content (approximately $9 USD per card drop).

    In addition, I have made the following executive decisions:

    • Blanketly tweaked the Badge gallery settings to have smaller spacing and wider margins, so the longer badge names are less squished. (should be complete)
    • Changed descriptions of, for instance, "The sequels, (Game II) and (Game III), also hav…
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