One thing that this wiki definitely uses is a lot of images. Adding them can get pretty repetitious, especially putting them in the right categories. And that's where a tool I discovered fairly recently makes things a whole lot easier: MultipleUpload. Instead of uploading images one at a time, you can upload up to 10 them at once. That, however, isn't the time-saving part.

The time-saving part is the section labeled "File description". In there, you can put a description of the file that you're uploading that gets applied to every one of the images - including categories, if you know the right wikitext. Earlier, I uploaded the images for the game Pool Nation, and this is a screenshot of what I filled in for the file description when I uploaded the trading card images:

Multisave file description

The first line is just a description for the image, including a link to the actual Wiki page. The second line adds the image to the Trading Cards category, and the third one adds it to the Pool Nation category. You can also set the licensing in the upload. With 10 cards in Pool Nation's card set, I was able to categorize all 10 of them at the same time that I uploaded them instead of having to go through each one and adding them separately.

The important terminology is the double bracket, followed by Category and a colon, followed by the category name (no space after the colon, though I'm not positive if it'll hurt or not if you use one.) The important categories on this wiki that are useful for MultipleUpload are: "Trading Cards", "Foil Trading Cards", "Card Artwork", "Profile Backgrounds", "Badges" and the assorted game names (the emoticons aren't quite as easy to upload via this method since you still have to add common/uncommon/rare, unless you do each one as a separate upload batch.)

One bit of advice I'd give is to make sure you spell the category name right: its a bit of a pain to change it if you get it wrong (you have to go to the image page and edit it.)

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