Happy New Year! There's a couple of topics for today's update, so lets start with the usual status report.

The number of Supported Games/Movies/Software is now at 2976, up 40 from 2 weeks ago. A pretty slow time period for game releases, which isn't much of a surprise, really. The number of Work in Progress pages is 1248, up 17 from 2 weeks ago, meaning 23 games have been finished off. It was nice to have a slower period of releases to work on some of them.

The second topic is the wiki's popularity: there's always a lot more people visiting during Steam sales, and this one was no exception: according to Wikia's WAM score, we've now reached a new all-time high in this wiki's popularity: on both December 31st and January 1st, we reached #75 on the Gaming vertical rank, which is to say that we were the 75th most popular gaming wiki on Wikia's network. Our previous high was #87 (set in the past Summer Sale.) On a normal average day, we rank around 180-200 or so.

The final topic is a more personal one: my sister just had a baby, on December 31st, a healthy baby boy. I only mention this to explain if I wind up falling behind a bit more than normal on working on the wiki: it's probably the baby taking up some time  :)

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