Happy Easter everyone. It's been another 2 weeks, so it's time for the usual status update.

The number of supported Games/Movies/Software is up to 3463. In the past 2 weeks, the number of card sets released was 112. Yes, that's right, 112. For reference, the previous high was 92, set 2 weeks ago. The number of Work in Progress pages 1585, up 108 from 2 weeks ago. That gives 4 card sets finished off, which is... not terribly good, really :P

I have to say, having 112 sets released in a 2 week period is absolutely insane. I certainly hope that this isn't any sort of new normal, because it's almost impossible to keep up with. Really, the only reason I have been able to keep up with this avalanche of games is another topic I was going to talk about today anyway, which is a little program I wrote for myself to make creating game pages easier. It doesn't help any with adding emoticons, backgrounds, etc, unfortunately - it's only real use is the initial creation of the page. The easiest way to describe it is probably a screenshot:

Game Page Generator

Game page generator app

Essentially you fill in the boxes at the top with the relevant information, and it automatically generates the wiki code for the standard game page. For example, however many card boxes you fill in will display as the number of cards in the set, it'll adjust the layout of the gallery based on the number of cards, etc. The code for the page displays at the bottom, and you can click the green copy button and paste it into the appropriate wiki page. If you notice the numbers beside the card boxes, those are actually buttons as well - clicking those copies to your clipboard the code for the associated trading card page. You would just need to paste it the appropriate page and fill in the description (the default description is "DESCRIPTION", and leaving that as the description now makes the TradingCard2 template automatically mark the card page as unfinished.)

There's nowhere to download this app at the moment because, well, I'm not really sure where I could upload it that would be OK. Executables aren't allowed on the wiki, so I can't put it here. If anyone wants a copy of it, though - I'm not actually sure why would would, since it's primary use is making the game pages, which is something I mostly do anyway - we can figure that out. I just thought I'd mention it here, because really, it's been the only reason I've been able to keep up the past 2 weeks (it's SOOOO much faster than making the page manually...) It's worth noting that if anyone would want a copy: I am not a programmer. I just threw this together for myself. I don't even know if it would work right on another PC  :P

In other news: the Common/Uncommon/Rare categories for emoticons are now defunct. There's no need to worry about adding them when uploading emoticon files, which should make that a bit easier and faster. The Game Logo category is now Logos, since it contains logos for non-game applications. Thank you to DanglingModifier for doing the work to strip out those emoticon categories and recategorize the logo images. That was about 15,000 image files that had to be modified, which is a tad ridiculous in it's own right.

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