2 weeks already? Boy, that zipped by.

The number of Supported Games is now up to 2538, up 91 from 2 weeks ago. That's a new high score - the previous high was 87 in a 2 week period back in May. I'm not really sure why there's such a massive clump of games at once like that sometimes. The previous 2 week update was only 55 games. That's a pretty big variation... Anyway, the number of Work in Progress games is 922, up 77 from 2 weeks ago. Not really a surprise that we've fallen behind after that avalanche of game releases.

A couple of minor side notes: I changed the background to a Shadowgate one that seems, to me at least, a bit more Halloween-y. I might keep looking, though. The second one is that, with the release of Double Fine Adventure!, Steam seems to be moving more firmly into the 'trading cards for movies' business. There was already one movie with cards (Indie Game: The Movie) So now that we have 2 movies with cards, I made a new organization page for them, Supported Movies. I THINK these are the only 2 movies with cards - if I forgot one, feel free to add it or let me know. (Technically, there's also Free to Play, but because it's cards were never available, it only goes in Special Card Sets.)

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