2 weeks ago, in my last status update, I posted that I was going to be a bit busy and wouldn't be able to work on the wiki as much for a bit. That was followed the next day by an absolute avalanche of new games. I feel like someone at Valve read my post and thought it would be funny to release a massive backlog that they had built up. Anyway...

The number of Supported games is now 2392, up 78 from 2 weeks ago. The number of Work in Progress games is 809, up 42 from 2 weeks ago. That gives us 36 games having been finished off. Which is definitely better than we have been doing, actually, possibly because there's been a few new people contributing? Actually, I'd love to know the why we suddenly got several new people adding content. Is it the new design that's somehow more appealing? Something else? Whatever it is, I appreciate the help!

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