Steam Trading Cards Wiki

The Steam trading cards wiki was founded by Nebthtet shortly after Steam added trading cards, but he abandoned the wiki not all that long afterwards: his last edit was back on July 29, 2013. During his time, he promoted a few other people to administrator, but the only one still around is Kennyannydenny, who unfortunately is pretty busy in his own life and doesn't currently have the time to handle the day-to-day work of running the wiki.

I've talked to him about this topic, and he agrees the wiki needs more active administrators, but unfortunately while he is an administrator, he can't actually promote anyone to administrator. The only person with that privilege on the wiki is Nebthtet (info about Wikia user access levels for anyone interested in the details.)

I've looked into this issue, and the solution is wiki adoption. Its a system Wikia has that allows people to adopt wikis who's original owners have vanished. Part of that process is what you're reading now - posting a blog to see if there's an objections from other people who use the wiki. Assuming there's no objections, then I would hopefully be able to be promoted to an administrator on this wiki.

In terms of what that would mean for the running of this wiki, probably not much of anything. I'm not really planning any changes on that front. Its more about gaining access to some better tools to help with what we're already doing. For example: I recently renamed the game StarForge Alpha to just StarForge. Part of doing that, I had to delete all the old images and replace them with new ones with the right name. As an administrator, I could have just renamed them, which would have been a whole lot easier.

There's also the issue of dealing with vandalism, which has been an ongoing problem. In all honesty, I'm not actually sure what exactly I could do there, since it comes from a different IP address each time. But hey, at least I could look into it :P

Anyway, if there are any objections or comments about this, this is the place to post them. As per the adoption rules, this will be open for at least a week before anything further can happen.