Velocity Ultra Card 9
Velocity Ultra Foil 9
Name: Zetachron Attack
Game: Velocity Ultra
Series: 1
Card Number: 9 of 9
Description: The Quarp Jet weaves under an all-out assault from Zetachron strike craft. The damage to human controlled space wrought by the premature collapse of Vilio has brought an incursion of parasites, out on the hunt for easy victims. Kai has received more than one interrupted distress transmission from along the frontier. The craft she faces roll in towards the Quarp Jet in a lazily controlled formation – clearly used to getting their own way and confident of the kill. Kai readies the Short Form Teleport and brings power levels up on the main guns. The Zetachron are in for a very nasty surprise.

Velocity Ultra Artwork 9
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