War of the Vikings Card 5
War of the Vikings Card 05 Foil
Name: Viking And Saxon Archery
Game: War of the Vikings
Series: 1
Card Number: 5 of 6
Description: Archery was a common method of hunting in the Tenth Century, but it was also a well-established battle tactic. Many sagas and poems, which still survive today, talk of combat starting with a "missile phase". This means that arrows, javelins and sling-shot were used as the armies closed, both on land or at sea.

The bows which were most common in the Tenth Century were D-section longbows about six foot in length. Yew was the wood favoured for its strength, although fir and even ash were also used. Today, yew is very expensive so hickory, lemon or ash woods are often used. The basic design of the longbow has remained unchanged for at least 4,500 years. It must almost have been seen as a disposable weapon, with so much wood being coppiced and straight staves easily available for use. The effort and time required to make a working bow is a lot less than that needed to forge swords, axes or even spears.

War of the Vikings Artwork 05
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